Frequently Asked Questions

Pickup & Delivery

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, we offer pickup services on Fridays from 12-6pm for $10.


Why do I have to pay for pickup?

We are not a retail store, but a manufacturer of online food products. We do not have a retail brick and mortar location staffed with retail sales staff. Every one of our kitchen staff is working on production 5 days a week to meet the demand of our online sales. In order to offer pickup we have had to hire someone to exclusively execute this task.

Why is your delivery range so small?

Well, we're growing, but we're still a small company. As we grow we will be adding more services to get more pies into hungry bellies. We're currently planning to have UPS/ FedEx delivery available in February. Until then, we always recommend you have friends or family within our delivery zone accept your order so you have a closer option for pickup. 

How do I know when m order will arrive?

When your pies are being made your order will be marked as "Processing". When it's out the door for delivery, it's marked as "Shipped" and finally "Delivered" when the delivery driver drops it off at your home. You will receive an alert when each of these actions occurs.

When will my order be sent out for delivery?

Orders will be fulfilled within 7-10 business days, Mon-Fri.​ We are not open on the weekends

Can I order pies as a gift?

Yes! Our pies make wonderful gifts. You can send one of our Digital eGift Cards or add a note in your order so we make sure not to include a printed invoice within your gift box.


Do any of your pies contain nuts?

No, we do not use nut products in our production, nor does our pesto contain nuts. We do however manufacture our products in a shared commercial kitchen where other chefs use nut products so we cannot promise our pies are made in a completely nut-free environment.


Do you have nutritional information for your pies?

Some of our listings contain the pies' nutritional breakdown. We're working on a separate page for all pie nutrition info..stay tuned. We can safely say that our pies contain less sodium, on average, than your traditional frozen pies in grocery stores. 

Are your gluten-free products certified?

Not at this time. In fact, we strongly recommend you not order our gluten-free pies if you are Celiac or have a strong allergy to gluten. We produce all of our products in a shared commissary with 7-8 other food businesses and cannot promise there won't be cross-contamination and therefore recommend our gluten-free products for people seeking to make a dietary change by removing gluten from their diets. Our goal is to scale into a production space where we can eventually have a gluten-free room dedicated to this level of certifiable production. Until then, buyer beware.   

Are your Halal products certified?

Not at this time. We work very hard to run a clean and well-organized production kitchen and sanitize all of our equipment in a professional dishwasher as per requirements laid out by the King County Department of Health. All knives, cooking utensils, cutting boards and pots are cleaned and sanitized between filling batches. We currently use Halal Chicken, Lamb and are on the cusp of switching over to grass-fed, Halal Beef. 

Do you do special order pies with alternative ingredients?

At this time we are not able to do special orders outside of virtual event catering (50 person minimum). We're exceptionally busy creating our standard and seasonal pies but hope to allow for special orders in the Spring of 2021. When we are able to do so it will be at a 25 pie minimum order per specialty pie with a $25 set up fee with per pie pricing that reflects the time and effort involved in creating a custom order. 

Here's a Link to the Reheating Instructions Page