We Offer Pot Pies for Various Occasions

At Home Dining

Our Individual pot pies are complete 10oz meals. Served alone or with a side dish, they are filling and delicious. We always use antibiotic/hormone-free proteins, Halal proteins, and clean ingredients. We never use shortening in our crusts, not even our Vegan crust, and put care, scratch cooking, and love into every batch. We truly believe these are the best pot pies you can get retail for home enjoyment.

Special Events & Catering

Our individual pot pies are great meal offerings for virtual and live events. Our virtual event meal packages typically include 1 savory pot pie, 1 sweet pie, a side salad with dressing, and a bottle of our in-house created mocktails. Branded gift packaging rounds out the look and feel to match your event theme in a stylish gift bag. These wonderful bags are then carefully delivered to households in the Seattle area so your event guests can celebrate you and your cause in style. 50 guests minimum is required for special event orders. Looking to book an event with us? Please reach out to info@potpiefactory.co

Wholesale Orders: Heat-n-Eat Service

Our pot pies give cafes, bars, taprooms, and other beverage companies a simple, value-added way to increase beverage sales. Fully cooked, flash frozen, and brimming with dietary flexibility and deliciousness, it’s a great way to satisfy hungry customers. No need to have a fully functioning kitchen to reheat our pot pies; a microwave/toaster oven set up or a Turbochef oven all work great. A 3 dozen minimum order is all it takes to get started. Contact us today for wholesale pricing at info@potpiefactory.co

Wholesale Orders: Heat-n-Eat Service

Own a mom-n-pop retail store and want to offer our pre-cooked and frozen pot pies in your freezer case? We’re glad to help. Halal, Gluten-free, Vegetarian, and Vegan pies are all available for wholesale orders throughout WA State. Contact us today for wholesale pricing at info@potpiefactory.co