Building the Perfect Pot Pie

A great deal of thought goes into crafting the perfect pot pie, especially when it's created by a classically trained chef whose mission is to provide a pie worth slowing down for and savoring. 

Our pies are built with layers of flavor: slow simmered sauces made from scratch with the quality proteins and fresh vegetables enveloped in melt-in-your-mouth, herb and spice-studded crusts baked with high quality, "European style" butter.

Our proprietary cooking equipment ensures that your pie comes out perfect every time while maintaining its nutritional value, texture and taste. 


The Crust

The foundation of our delicious pot pies begins with a hand-crafted crust made with whole, natural butter, never shortening. See the baked-in herbs, spices and detailed pastry embellished top, hinting at the flavors inside? When your fork meets the crust, hear the crack of crispiness that invites you to really dig in. Our crust options include cornmeal, gluten-free, and vegan (shortening-free).

Our customers love what we do!


The Fillings

Our meats are all antibiotic-and hormone-free, and we only use healthy vegetarian proteins. Our proteins are marinated, slow-cooked, and blended with fresh herbs and spices. Our tasty fillings are low-sodium, gluten-free, MSG/flavor enhancer-free and healthier than you'd expect.  

"YUM!!!! These pies are so flavorful and delicious. Logan even made the crusts gluten-free by hand to accommodate our family. My picky children devoured their pies - now that's what I call success! THANK YOU!!!!"


"The pies are adorable in personal size and heavenly edible. They seem small but very substantial that I have to split into two meals. My take of the must-haves is the Moroccan Chicken pot pie and the Salmon Chowder pot pies. Where else are you going to get these gourmand flavors of pot pies? --another example of how Logan can make something ordinary into something extraordinary with her professional experience in and personal love for food. How lucky am I to have a CIA trained chef in my neighborhood? I feel like I have a personal chef without having to be someone worth profiled by the Fortune magazine; very lucky! So, I keep coming back to bang on her door for her exceptional food literally since the doorbell is still out of order."


Via Josephine.com

“Logan’s pot pies are the very best I have ever eaten at any price. I have and will continue to purchase them regularly.”