Pot Pie Subscriptions


Subscriptions make great gifts for new moms, newlyweds, college students, loved ones far away, and elderly parents.

Get 10 delicious pies delivered on a monthly basis. Switch up your flavor choices month by month or lock in your favorite pies to always have on hand.


We have 3 main categories to choose from:

  • Standard Pies      $70 

  • Gluten-free Pies   $90

  • Paleo Pies          $110

Complete Subscription Terms can be found here.

How Pie Subscriptions Work

  • Choose from our selection of pie subscription offers (Standard, Gluten-free or Paleo)

  • Your card will be billed for a monthly subscription with your initial order minus shipping costs. 

  • Once your subscription is purchased you'll be emailed a flavor selection form to complete.

    • Yes, you can change your flavors month to month.

  • After your order is processed shipping will be calculated and billed to your card prior to shipping.

  • All orders ship out the 2nd week of the month on Monday and Tuesday. 

  • The recurring monthly Subscription Fee will be charged via Paypal monthly.

  • After your first monthly subscription is complete, a recurring charge for a new month renewal will be charged monthly for six(6) consecutive months unless you write in to cancel your subscription.

  •  Your pies will ship out the 2nd week of the month once shipping has been calculated and charged to your card.

  • If your card cannot be processed your order will not ship but you will still be responsible for that month's subscription fee until your subscription is officially canceled. See Terms.


See full Subscription Terms here.


Standard Pot Pies

Choose from our most popular standard pot pies:

Classic Chicken, Moroccan Chicken, Alhambra Chicken, Tuscan Chicken, Alhambra Vegetarian, BBQ Pork, Vegetarian BBQ


Gluten-free Pot Pies

Choose from our most popular gluten-free pot pies:

Classic Chicken, Moroccan Chicken, Tuscan Chicken, BBQ Pork, Vegetarian BBQ

Paleo Pot Pies

Choose from our most popular Paleo pot pies:

Paleo Beef

Paleo Chicken