SeattleRefined 2020

Pot Pie Factory crafts comfort food with No Bases, No Bouillon, No BS

"Creating the perfect pot pie is an art form for a trained chef. While grandma’s pie may be simple and delicious, Niles combines science and creativity to craft a dish which elicits rave review from her customers."


Seattle Times 2020

The greatness of Seattle's tiny but mighty Pot Pie Factory


"Everything’s made from scratch. Crusts are butter, except for the vegan ones — she didn’t want to use shortening for those, so she created her own coconut oil and olive oil substitution. Proteins are hormone- and antibiotic-free, and marinated for more flavor; seafood is never farmed. Some of the vegetables are organic, as fits with costs and consistency. “It’s very intentional,” she notes. “And every crust has an adjunct” — which sounds very academic, but just means an incorporated element, like the rosemary for the chicken potpie, nigella seeds for the Thai seafood one, paprika and more for others. “So that way it’s like flavor. Flavor. Flavor. Straight through,” she says, with feeling."


Seattle Times Magazine 2017

"Logan Niles, founder and executive chef of Pot Pie Factory, started a pick-up potpie business in her home earlier this year. Her goal is to open a brick-and-mortar business where customers can order a custom potpie and have it ready to go in 10 minutes or less."


Seattle Kitchen Podcast 201

"This (crust) is so nice and crisp...well done. Delicious product, super tasty...heavenly..." - Tom Douglas