Safety Practices at Pot Pie Factory Amid Covid-19 Emergency


While practicing food safety and good personal hygiene are always important and something we always practice, rest assured that we are being very diligent about keeping our production kitchen and fulfillment areas sanitized. Handwashing is especially critical in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and is done often.


Before setting up for the day, preparing food or touching products during order filling, we sanitize all surfaces with medical-grade sanitation products, including door handles, knobs, etc. Each workstation is equipped with the appropriate bleach solution and wash our hands with clean water and antibacterial soap for a minimum of 20 seconds. Our kitchen staff wears kitchen smocks and aprons so their outside clothing does not come into contact with kitchen surfaces or food and of course hair is covered.


Practices, such as cleaning and disinfecting countertops and other surfaces serve as protection to you and others. Proper food safety is followed, including promptly refrigerating foods, keeping raw and cooked foods separate, and heating food to the appropriate internal temperature. We also work with our delivery team to make sure that they are following safety precautions and they do not come into contact with other customers as they are delivering orders to the customer’s homes.


We wish all of our customers the very best and that you stay healthy and well. We will continue to be a source of good comfort food for our communities.


Take good care ~The Pot Pie Factory Team